We service north & south Perth with solar panels and batteries. We are the specialists for solar deals Perth. 

Along with our large portfolio of Residential Installation Solar My Home WA also prides its self on helping West Australian Businesses reduce their impact on the environment and save thousands on their running costs. Some of our installations include, freight companies, Liquor Stores, Commercial Sheds, Fabricating Companies. So join us today and our business is helping your business.

Grid Connect Solar

Join thousands of other West Aussies already reaping the benefits of Free electricity from the sun. Our team will provide you with the best knowledge to ensure your using your systems to its fullest during the daylight hours. With power bills on the rise, Solar has never been a better investment.

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Solar Power Servicing

Solar Systems like cars do need some love every now and then. Our expert team can give your system a health check, just to make sure your system is still producing what it should be and there is no cause for concern with any small  issues that could become bigger in the future.

Are You Looking For a solar PV system?

Hybrid Solar

Solar is an amazing solution to solving your electricity bills, and its recently just become even better. Solar Batteries have landed in WA and you can be one of the ever increasing number of people making this investment. Store your power during the day and use it at night! Good bye power bills!

Do You Need Solar Maintenance?


With 10 years of experience installing, we specialise in servicing and maintaining solar power systems across Perth WA. We have the utmost confidence in our solar panel and battery systems. You can experience the same peace of mind with our Solar My Home guarantee. Contact us today to find out about your solar panel cost.

  • Pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service.

  • We are here to help you, during and long after your solar power system has been installed.

  • Proudly Australian owned.

  • When you choose Solar My Home to install your new solar power system, you are never alone should things go wrong.
  • That kind of long-term support is very rare these days.


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