What are the benefits of solar batteries 2018?

Just ask us, we are your North Perth Solar System suppliers. Well, in a word, storage. Really the idea is quite simple. The sun shines; you collect the energy utilizing your solar panels and then what? You can power your electronics, your lights, your television, etc. What happens when it gets dark? Indeed. With solar batteries, you can store the sun’s energy that you collect all day long for use when the sun goes down. Now you can utilize that energy when it really counts. Is it dark out? No need for candles (unless we’re talking a romantic dinner, then by all means) because you’ve got solar batteries as part of your North Perth Solar System. At Solar My Home WA, we utilize The Sonnen Batterie Eco. This allows the power you collect to be stored right there at your home, because that’s where you are going to use it!


North Perth Solar System

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Remember the benefits of solar batteries are not limited to seeing the television at night or keeping the dishwasher running. They are all about saying goodbye to power bills and breaking out on your own! Installing a north Perth solar system will ensure you start reaping the rewards of solar straight away. With a large selection of solar panel systems, we can find you the right one. Invest in a solar battery and enjoy the luxury of skipping the power bill each month!