Solar Power Trends 2018

It’s all about prime location. If you are wondering why Western Australia such a prime location for solar power, we can answer that. I mean have you looked outside? If you looking for Solar panel prices north Perth, than you’ve come to the right team. Here in Perth we have sun, glorious sun 147 days of the year…that’s full sun just in case you were wondering! And not far behind that 147 day record of full sun we have 122 days of partial sun. That’s most of the year! We’re not saying it doesn’t ever rain. It does, occasionally, but again we have 269 days out of 365 where the sun is shining bright or shining for at least part of the day. That’s a lot of time to fill those solar batteries!

Those other 96 days you can run on stored power!  That translates to zero power bills!

Solar panel prices in north Perth are at their lowest. Solar Panel specials keep us hoping every day as more and more people decide to take advantage of rebate and discount programs. Don’t miss out. Install your solar system and take advantage of solar panel specials and solar panel pricing while you can get the best prices on systems, panels and installation. The Australian government is still offering up to $4,000.00 off your solar system installation. Now that’s a big savings!

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