Are you looking to plan for solar installation Perth when building a new home ?

Building a new home is exciting. It’s fun. Hey, let’s face it, it’s expensive.  Do you run out and buy the first home you tour? Sometimes you do, but usually not.  Here is what you need to consider if you are looking for solar installation Perth.


Talk to a lot of people, get opinions, research information and compare prices.

The Australian government has a load of rebates available to homeowners that want to put in a solar system. Research prices and rebates in your area. There are many solar deals to be had. Research the various manufacturers of solar panels. Look at their pricing and in fact, look at all the pricing.

Next you want to ask about solar installation Perth. Find out what their installation practices are. Will there be a crew? Will it be one or two guys? How long will it take? Will your daily life be upset during this installation?

So that’s what it’s like to begin the process. How about if you are doing a new build and not quite ready for solar yet but it is something you definitely want in the future. Take some steps now to ensure that it will be a smooth transition to solar when you are ready.

  1. Look at your building lot and decide the best placement and direction for your home. Think about the direction and pitch of the roof. You want the most sun exposure on those panels when they go up on the roof.
  2. Consider anything that may be built around your home that will obstruct the view or the reach of the sun to your solar panels. Most things are beyond your control, but something that is and that you can consider now is landscaping. Are there huge trees? Will they be towering over your roof or blocking the sun in a few years when you are ready for solar?
  3. Consider having the house wired appropriately for solar now while you are building and changes are easy. Later you may have to hire an electrician to come in and rewire an area to make way for solar panels.
  4. How about putting those panels on the roof while the scaffolding is in place and your roofing system is being installed? Why would you do that? To avoid a future cost of scaffolding and the need for more of a crew to come and install panels on the roof. If they are ready to go and in place it may just be a matter of cleaning them off, hooking them up and testing to ensure that they are ready to go.
  5. Consider that solar pricing is very competitive right now and you can get some really good solar deals on panels, batteries and solar installation Perth. In a few years that may not be the case.
  6. Government rebates are still available, making solar more affordable than ever before. What if they go away? Don’t get caught after the fact. These are all things you need to consider as part of your new build.

Call us. Communication is paramount. Let’s talk about all of this as it can be overwhelming when you have to think about everything else that is going into the build. Let’s work this out together.