Do you want to know how solar installers North Perth determine Residential Solar and Battery System Size?

Does size matter? You bet it does! Solar installers North Perth such as Solar My Home know how to determine the best fit for your solar system. We will touch on a few of the ways that Solar installers North Perth go about figuring out exactly what size battery goes with each system.

Do all solar systems require batteries?  At Solar My home, as solar installers North Perth, we will tell you that the simple answer is no. To function and provide off-grid capabilities batteries are not necessary, provided you consume all your energy during daylight hours when the sun is readily available to provide the power through your solar panels. This requires some creativity in scheduling when your appliances run, so as to get everything in before sun down when the energy supply is effectively cut off.  As a rule of thumb, if you are a solar only system, you should aim for about a 30% consumption rate for your system; meaning that you consume 30% of the energy generated by your solar only system.

Are batteries convenient? Yes, yes they are! With a battery as part of your solar system, your off-grid capability and comfort level increase greatly. Ask your solar installer North Perth at Solar My Home what happens after dark? If you have a battery as part of your system, you can turn on the lights and continue with your tasks, watch TV or read a book. Without a battery, light a candle, get out a deck of cards and entertain yourself until it’s time for bed.

How do solar installers North Perth determine the actual battery size that best fits your system? There are a few factors to consider. First it is important to remember that solar panels generate energy but do not store it. Batteries store energy but do not create it. With that quick science lesson, we can continue. So what are the determining factors?

  1. The size of your solar system is usually the first item to consider. There is little point to pair a huge battery with a tiny system. Its overkill and the battery will be underutilized. By the same token, installing a tiny battery with a huge system defeats the purpose and may limit your independence capabilities. Balance is important.
  2. How much energy is used by your household and when is it used? If you run all of your appliances, watch TV and do your wash during the day, less energy is available from your system to go to storage. Also, how much will you really need at night?
  3. The most important factor in determining battery size is the comparison of energy produced by your solar panels versus energy consumed by your household.

There is no doubt that your North Perth solar installer is well-equipped to guide you through the choices available in terms of batteries to fit your system. You can however research and use one or more of the many calculators available on the web for this purpose.

Why did you go with solar power? Usually the determining factor is as simple as saving money, followed closely by separating from the grid and last but not least, having backup power in case of storms or some type of infrastructure failure.   Keep in mind that solar only systems are cheaper than systems whose goals is total off grid capability. The payback period for energy independent systems is generally longer and less exciting as well.  Mostly increased cost is due to the need to store energy that often goes unused.

We can make the following assumptions.

  1. Homes that use more energy during the day than at night won’t need really large batteries as they will be using their energy immediately without need for storage.
  2. Homes that use more energy at night or even an equal amount at night generally benefit from larger batteries, i.e. greater storage capability. Even homes that are in more shaded areas or areas that receive less sunlight throughout the year (What? Does that ever happen in Australia?), will benefit from a system that has battery storage capability. This allows homeowners to utilize their solar system in the evening as well.

To calculate the energy you use over time, multiply the power consumption by the hours of intended use. I.e. a 20Watt TV in this, on for 2 hours, will take 20 x 2 = 40WH from the battery. Repeat this for all the appliances you wish to use; then add all the results to establish total consumption per household. Frankly, that’s just a lot of math the average person doesn’t want to do! So, let Solar My Home as your solar installer, North Perth help you determine the correct battery for the job as well as how many panels you need to keep your home functioning as you like.

Feel free to utilize the calculator on our site, to help determine your solar needs:


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