Prices for Solar Panels down, Sales are booming!

Australia’s Solar Business is on Track to Triple Last Year’s Records! Prices for solar panels have businesses clamoring to get installers to their buildings pronto! In fact, projections from the Green Energy Market indicate that sales in 2018 are on track to triple that of 2017! Now that’s an investment anyone can get behind!

In 2018 Australia’s businesses learned that there is gold falling from the sky, golden sunlight that is! Aussie businesses are capitalizing on the great prices for solar panels in the current market and making solar system installation a priority.

New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are leading the way in MW (megawatt) installations. Data from Green Energy Markets is showing 639 MW commissioned in 2018 for business alone.  By December Australia is on track to see another 1400 MW just in business sales. Now that’s a sound investment! Let’s get you into the game, Perth! Solar My Home is ready to coach you through the plays and make solar a reality for your business today.

The Aussie government is subsidizing the way for solar in your business. Take advantage now so that you can get the best prices for solar panels we have ever seen! We’re not talking peanuts here, there are up to $50K in benefits just waiting for you to grab them and run. The government is offering subsidies to offset the upfront cost. There is a $20K small business asset write off and did we mention the benefits of shading your roof and the associated cooling effects that come with this?

Perth’s climate is ideal for solar. Perth has about 144 days of full sun per year and about 121 days of partial sun. This is perfect! Businesses in Perth are making the move every day as they learn of the benefits to be reaped and the savings to be had. As electricity costs continue to rise in Perth now and in the foreseeable future, both businesses and individual households are making the move to solar in record numbers. Can you blame them? With things like prices for solar panels falling, rising electrical costs, government subsidies, increased profits as the cost of doing business lowers because you are providing your own power, how can you lose?

Catch the wave in 2018 and learn to surf with Solar My Home, WA. With solar panel prices way down, call us to learn more about the possibilities of your business. 0410 376 517 (Hours Mon-Sat 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM) Installation is now easier than ever on the bottom line.  Solar My Home, WA is here to educate you on the benefits and technology of solar systems for your business.