Prices are on the Rise Yet Again in Western Australia!

As electricity prices rise again in Western Australia, Perth solar panel prices are going down! Soar Perth has never been more reasonable. Perth solar deals abound and it’s no wonder why. Once again WA’s electricity prices are going up. Granted, it’s less than last year’s 10%, but who’s counting? Local WA residents are counting, that’s who! This increase is set to come in around 7%…ok yes, it’s less, but hey, what more are we getting for that increase? Nothing, a big fat goose egg, that’s what. So, why do we put up with it?

The answer is simple; most people are not that familiar with Perth solar deals, solar panel specials and Perth solar panels in general. Let’s get down to brass tacks here. While Western Australia continues to offer some discounts to homeowners that go solar, in the form of discounts they still have no problem increasing the cost of electricity so that the member of Parliament continue to get rich on the backs of the working Australian’s.

Let’s put a stop to the needless increases and hedonistic salaries of government officials. Let’s go off grid! Perth solar panels can make this dream a reality. After years of sticking it to the man, the WA government will be left cold and alone as we all convert to solar power. So, on to the offerings! Solar My Home is leading the charge in Western Australia, even offering a referral program for those ready to discuss the switch with neighbors and friends (http://localhost/solar/services/solar-power-companies-north-perth/). When our customers talk about us, it makes us really happy, so we’ve decided to share that happiness with you! Click the link and see what it’s all about or continue reading below to discover one of our best solar panel specials.

Solar My Home has plenty of reading on our site that will educate you to the ins and outs of solar panels, solar power programs and Perth solar deals. We are committed to the Perth solar movement and getting and giving power back to the people! Solar My Home wants to make the transition to solar Perth as easy and seamless as possible.  Not only do we sell solar panels, but we also offer servicing of solar panels as well. In addition, we offer solar batteries to store your power and allow you to use it at night! That’s an exciting prospect, allowing your solar panels to have a place that can store their energy for your use at night. Perth solar deals abound right now and it’s time you took part in the solar revolution that has come to Perth. Perth solar panel prices are at their lowest. Come and see.  You won’t be disappointed!  http://localhost/solar/  Our 6.6kw Perth solar deals begin at just $3,999.00! That comes with a 24 month onsite service warranty!

As exciting as these solar panel deals are, they won’t last forever. Call today to take advantage of what’s out there right now! 0410 376517 or e-mail brad.robson@localhost  Our office is open Monday thru Saturday, 7:30amto 6:00pm. Let’s work together to get you off Western Australia’s cycle of rising power prices and into the Perth solar deals that will make your future even brighter!