At Solar My Home, WA we believe in transparency, so let’s have a look at some of the PROS of Solar Energy and the CONS of Solar Energy. While solar energy is an absolutely fantastic resource. Is it for you?

Let’s talk about some considerations and decisions you will want to make before installing a solar energy system at your home. Perth solar battery prices are cheaper than ever. Will you be utilising Perth solar battery power in your system? What is the current solar panel cost in Perth? My Home Solar, WA sells the best solar panels on the market. Why, because, you want the best solar panels on the market for your system. There is nothing worse than panel failure!  Perth solar and battery prices are lower than ever, so it’s time to take advantage and get with the program! Don’t be left behind.

One of the first and the most obvious PROS of Solar Energy is that it lowers the cost of your electric bills. With electricity prices set to rise yet again in Western Australia, this is a pretty big tick on the PRO list. I think everyone can get behind saving money. The savings far exceed the solar panel cost. Even our smallest available systems will pay for themselves in less than four years! That’s long before any of the parts are out of warranty! Check out our calculator to make some calculations and see what the difference in cost is between sizes. http://localhost/solar/solar-panel-specials-prices-perth/

The second on a list of many PROS of Solar Energy is that it improves the value of your home. For those shopping for a new home and reading about the increase in electric prices in Western Australia, this would be top of the list for must have items. Think of how much easier selling your home will be in the end if you can offer a complete package. Not only a complete package, but one that has been tested where you can actually produce documentation! I know I’d be on board for that in a heartbeat. Not to mention this is a no hassle deal for the buyer , the figuring out is all done and you have only to present them with the keys to the kingdom.

You have saved them the work of formulating comparisons between Perth solar companies, solar panel prices and yes, Perth solar battery options as well. Anything that saves time and money is number one in my book, so move your house to the head of the list!

The third on the list of PROS of Solar Energy and it’s a big one is that it reduces your carbon footprint. If you and your family are at all concerned about the planet and greenhouse gasses and well, knowing that your children’s children will have a decent place to live, then reducing the carbon footprint of your home and family is high on your list.

So, you ask what are the CONS of Solar Energy? While there are a few CONS of Solar Energy, we think the PROS of Solar Energy far outweigh them, but we will discuss just a few that top the list.

Solar energy doesn’t work for every roof type.Everyone has a roof, don’t they? You bet they do, but some are just not facing the right direction or at the right pitch. Some are just the wrong material and in these cases you have to come up with other options to make your solar dream come true, so don’t despair at Solar My Home, WA we are prepared to educate you on the other options available to you if a solar panel system doesn’t work with your roof type.

A new solar system is not ideal if about to move, we have discussed why it can be. So let’s turn that frown upside down. While in residence you can utilize the system, gain an appreciation of its merits and smile because you know the value of a solar system that will surely help sell your home faster.

The last of the CONS of Solar Energy that we will talk about here is the cost. Solar energy systems can be expensive to buy.  Well, it’s like anything else; you get what you pay for. In this case, you actually get what you paid for and a whole lot more! How about living in your home in Western Australia, the same one you own now and not receiving another electric bill? How about running your A/C units and all four TV’s at once so the kids can each play video games in a different room? All this, while you enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of tea in the kitchen; sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Its sounds like Perth Solar and Battery are the way to go.  Solar My Home, WA is ready to help you on your way to a sturdy and sound solar energy system for your home.  Call us today 0410.376.517.