Solar Deals Perth are better than ever!

Solar panels are the super heroes of the energy world! Why? Because no matter the weather, they pick up the sun’s rays even if the sun is hiding behind clouds! That’s right. Solar works even when it’s cloudy! Does it work in the cold? Sure it does! Solar panels aren’t afraid of the cold either! This means that solar deals Perth are growing in leaps and bounds as people get on the solar band wagon!  Solar panel deals Perth abound! Solar My Home WA has some of the best Perth solar panel deals around! Check them out!

Energy Through the Clouds?

So what does all this talk about clouds mean? It means that even places like Germany can have solar power. Germany isn’t known for the best weather or that much sunshine yet Germany has the highest solar power capacity in the world! Impressive Germany! But look out because Australia is close on your heals! We’re bucking to break into the top 5 worldwide! Take advantage of solar deals Perth now, before it’s too late! Get the best solar deals Perth with Solar My Home. Take advantage of government sponsored discounts. Solar specials Perth abound.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Are solar panels as efficient in cloudy weather as they are in clear, bright sunshine? The simple answer is no. Solar panel energy generation is reduced to approximately 50% of a sunshine day total on a cloudy day. But hey, 50% is still pretty darned good! So no matter what your solar panels are still generating energy!

Deals, Deals and More Deals

What does all this mean in Australia? Guys and gals it means we are set for life! If there’s one thing Australia has, it’s plenty of sunshine! Is it any wonder why we are seeing solar panels with increasing regularity across all of Australia? That’s right Australia has massive solar energy potential and we are going to use it!   Solar deals Perth are constantly popping up. Don’t miss out. There are still government sponsored discounts available. Once they are gone, they’re gone! Take advantage now before it’s too late.  Learn all about the best solar deals Perth today. Just call or click to learn more.