Solar Panel Installations North Perth on the Rise

Solar and Perth Perfect Together!

Why is Perth perfect for Solar Energy? The answer really is quite simple. Perth is bathed in sunlight most of the year as is most of Australia. We are blessed with excellent weather! Solar panel installations North Perth continue to rise. North Perth solar panel prices have been dropping as popularity gains. Not to mention solar battery North Perth sales have seen an increase as well.

North Perth Embraces Solar Energy

Australia has one of the highest solar radiation rates per square metre in the world.  Areas like the desert in the Northwest and mid-country area ideal for solar systems. So really, what does that mean? It means that we as Australians are blessed with lots and lots of sunlight. Thus, we have a lot to work with, making the solar energy industry one of the fastest growing ever. Receiving nearly 60 million petajoules of solar radiation per year means we as Australians have more solar energy than most. Australians, especially North Perth, are embracing their solar energy like never before. Solar panel installations North Perth have continued to rise steadily over the years and we see the trend continuing long into the future.

Solar Innovation

Our scientists are leading the charge when it comes to solar radiation research in related fields and products. Every day they work tirelessly to come up with new and better ways to make solar energy work harder for Australia. The increase in solar batteries North Perth is just one result of innovation and hard work. Solar batteries North Perth are more readily accessible than ever before and more reliable than previous batteries.

Aussie’s Leading the Solar Game

you know that Australia carries enough roof space to power the whole country with solar panels? That’s a whole lot of roof space! More importantly its ton of solar panels, 27 million approximately; as well as a whole lot of free, renewable solar energy! The average 4-person home needs only a 5 Kw system to satisfy their power consumption needs. Australia has more than 1.5 million homes with solar energy systems.  This keeps our solar installations North Perth industry very busy! As you can imagine, Australians are leading this game!

Solar Panel Prices North Perth Dropping

As the electricity generated by solar panels North Perth continues to rise, the cost of solar in Australia continues to drop. Australians generate more than 4.6 million dollars worth of electricity per day.  All that power, using small solar systems as of 2015. Just imagine what we can do now. We hope to double that by the end of 2018.