Perth solar energy has many business advantages.

Perth solar is hotter than ever! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of any Perth solar specials while they are still available?

The question really is solar at home, why not at work?

So obviously, most of Perth has learned of the benefits of having a North Perth Solar System installed in their home.  Why not take advantage of the same advantages that you have at home with Perth solar offers at work?

What can solar energy do at my business?

Hybrid solar in Perth can do anything at your business that it can do in a residential environment. It can heat water, run lighting or sound systems, and cool your business off when it’s hot! Perth solar can save your business money and even make your business expenses lean and mean! Its cost effective for business. There are government rebates. Read on. Perth solar makes sense for your business!

The Smarter Business Solutions Program

The Smarter Business Solutions Program for Perth solar is a program for businesses that offers:

  • advice about current and efficient technologies and best practices
  • a facility site survey to identify potential savings opportunities
  • grants that encourage and support cost savings or initiatives:
    • pay up to 50% of the cost for efficiency improvements  with a maximum of $20,000 as the total benefit.
    • rebate up to 20% of the cost for the installation of off-grid renewable energy systems with a maximum of $20,000 as the total benefit.
    • offer up to 10% of the cost for the installation of on-grid renewable energy systems with maximum of $10,000* as the total benefit.

*On-grid means you are connected to the electrical grid.

Who is eligible for the Smarter Business Solutions Program?

Your business should be an Indigenous enterprise, a Northern Territory business or a not-for-profit organization and meet the following criteria:

  • your business has to be physically located and actively trading in the Northern Territory for 12 months with an ABN and remitting GST
  • It must have an annual turnover between $75,000 and $20 million dollars
  •  cannot be on a domestic tariff if connected to an electricity grid
  • Should have less than 200 employees
  • Your business may not have not received equivalent funding from a previous similar support program
  • As a condition of participation, the business agrees to participate in a follow-up evaluation survey including a savings assessment
  • The business must accept the terms of the Buy Local Plan as identified in the agreement section of the application

Franchises or multinational businesses need to speak to a small business champion before applying.

Other terms and/or conditions may apply.

Can my Business Run on Batteries at Night?

Absolutely!  Anything that must continue to run at night can make use of batteries and stored energy. Solar battery North Perth usage is quite common. Also, solar battery North Perth prices are at their lowest right now.  What could make batteries more attractive? So even if you aren’t sure that you need them now, prepare ahead. Purchase what you need now and take your time to install it. Or plunge in head first and let those batteries run your alarm system at night.

Not only are you saving the planet, but you are doing it cost-effectively and with government sponsored benefits! Perth solar is the way to go. Contact Solar My Home today to discuss how Perth solar can make your business the best it can be.