Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Saving money with solar panels has never been easier!

Solar panels are hard at work every day collecting the sun’s rays and allowing you to use them for many purposes like running the electric in your home. You can run a workshop, business or any myriad of items that will help you on a daily basis. Save money, install home solar in Perth.

Ahhhhh Cool…

There’s never anything more pleasing than to come in out of the heat to a pleasantly cooled home. There are days when I can’t wait to get inside because the sun is so hot!  Keeping your home cool on those days can be difficult. First and foremost let’s get the air conditioning running off solar because nothing bumps up your power bill like running the air conditioner.  But what about running the air con at night you ask? Let’s talk batteries because having power at night isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement!

Adding Batteries to your Solar Panels

Adding battery storage to your solar panel system is just a smart money move! Your solar panels are most productive in summer, so add the batteries and store that power away for future use and for use when the sun goes down! Now you’re cookin’!

Fans or Air Con

Running fans is less expensive than running the air conditioning. Either way if you are using your solar panels to power your electrical, save a little by trying the fan first. Sometimes the air is cool enough and adding a little movement makes it just perfect!

To Flick or Not to Flick…

When trying to save some money on the electrical in your home, it’s important to know and have control over what you are doing, even before installing solar but especially after. Having new solar panels Perth doesn’t mean you should just go through the house and turn on everything! Goodness no! You still want to have a conscious awareness of how much power you are using. So before flicking on that switch, stop, think and decided do I really need to add the extra light, run that appliance right now or watch that TV? Its summer, go outside and enjoy the weather!

Drying your Clothes

Who likes doing laundry? Not many people do. Do you hate listening for the dryer and running in to see if the clothes are dry? Well, its summer, hang them out on the line and let the sun dry them! Save that energy generated in your solar panels, and harnessed in your batteries for something fun!

Solar panel pricing is at its lowest right now. The more people that have introduced solar system into their Perth home the lower the prices will eventually drop. It is basic supply and demand. So get on the band wagon and save some money this summer. Put those solar panels and solar batteries to work for you and your family.

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