The solar panel battery is Australia’s future!

Recent surveys have proven that Australians value the solar panel battery very highly. They know that this is the way to a secure their future against energy price hikes. They are embracing the battery like never before!

Surveys show that most Australians are buying solar systems with Perth solar batteries. The main reason served to protect themselves from rising energy costs. Very few considered the possibility of blackouts.

Currently selling power back to the grid is an ok proposition but homeowners and businesses alike make out better storing their collected energy in their own solar panel battery and using it from the batteries when they need it.

Solar battery cost has not changed much in the past few years. Manufacturers expect to see as much as a 30% decrease in price over the next several years. Does that mean you should wait to purchase a solar panel battery? It’s not likely. Under current conditions, if you purchase Perth solar batteries for your solar system right now its the way to go!  Putting them into immediate use, effectively cutting yourself out of the grid, your return on investment is about 10 years. That is roughly the life of a solar panel battery. Ten years is a long time to be saving all that money and living off the grid though.

In ten years we’re likely to see even greater advances in the field of solar systems and batteries as well.  So dive in! Purchase your system and make the commitment to solar and Perth solar batteries today!