Solar System 2018 is still on your radar?

Well, let’s make that happen with a new solar system 2018 from Solar My Home WA! Solar panels Perth have never been available at better prices. Solar reviews for 2018 are excellent and hopes for the future are strong! Australia continues to make waves in the solar industry.

Solar System 2018 Rebates Available

Like any solar company, Solar My Home urges prospective customers to take advantage of every government rebate available while they last! Some have already closed. Don’t miss out. Check out the government rebate page for the best details and to see which programs are still open.

Rising Energy Costs

A new solar system 2018 is just what you need! Are raising energy prices getting you down? We don’t doubt it! More and more dollars are heading out the window to cover energy consumption costs. No doubt you’ve seen the light and want to come over to solar! Don’t call just any solar company. The best solar company near me is Solar My Home WA. They’ve got the knowledge and the power to make a solar system 2018 to fit your budget and your needs!

Solar Reviews 2018

Why the push to solar in Perth? Well the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) reviews of solar in 2018 show continued growth, lower prices and  more installations nation-wide! It’s an exciting time for each and every solar company in Perth! Business is booming and why is that good for you? It means that prices are low, lower than ever before, so you should take advantage and get on the schedule today.

Read all about clean solar energy on the CEC’s site:

Solar System 2018

Solar My Home WA has Solar System 2018 possibilities to offer that can fit your budget and leave you enough money so you can still go out and enjoy a nice romantic dinner with your honey!  Check out our solar system 2018 specials right here:



Does Size Matter?

Not sure what size solar system 2018 will work for you? Well, when I needed a solar system near me, I decided to check Solar My Home’s Calculator Page and figure it out for myself, but you can still call for help!


The process has never been more painless and more cost effective than right now. Rising energy prices have fueled the move to solar and there is only continued growth as far as the eye can see! Putting solar panels on your Perth roof is not only a smart investment, it makes you twinkle from space!


Rooftop Solar Panels Aerial View