Solar panel and battery system prices plumet!

Solar panel and battery system prices near me are lower than ever.  At Solar My Home WA we are running many specials for you to take advantage of the growing need for solar power in Perth, WA. Why wait? Solar is hot now and it’s because solar panel and battery system prices have become so affordable! Contact us at 0410 376 517  Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm to discuss your needs. An example of just one system we offer is below. We have systems to fit all kinds of budgets!

Solar Panel North Perth Fronius


Read through our blogs. They offer many how-to’s and information about getting started with Solar.


How Solar Installers Determine System Size



Saving Money With Solar Panels This Summer 2018!

These two posts are good places to start learning more about solar. Solar is the wave of the future. Perth solar panel and battery system prices are at their best! Don’t just go solar. Go solar with batteries for the best option possible.

Why do I need batteries?

Well, solar is great and you can use it when the sun is up. You can even use it on a cloudy day, but rain and clouds will both diminish your usage and your ability to run all the items you want to at once. Batteries are a great back-up for this and batteries allow you to cozy up on the couch at night and watch TV or read a book.

Now, I’m sure you can agree why we find batteries so important!  Batteries increase your options. So let Solar My Home WA school you on the where and how of batteries. Storing your collected solar energy has never been easier!