Finding solar panel deals Perth has never been easier!


solar panel deals perth

Rooftop Solar Panels Aerial View

Look just outside your door. Do you think so many people would make the investment in solar panel deals Perth if solar was not the future? Of course not!

I’m making the move to solar before all the good deals are gone! In 2016 the cost of solar bottomed out at about 55 cents per watt!  We don’t expect them to drop further.


The excellent affordability of solar panels has led to Australia having the highest rate of residential installations of solar panels in the world!

The low price, easily affordable systems and excellent service are all reasons why you should try to install solar at your home today. Realize the savings with solar panel deals Perth before prices turn and start to climb.

This got me thinking,  now that the panels are no longer costly, what else is involved? What other costs can I expect to incur?

Mounting System

The Mounting System is what secures the solar panels to your roof.  Investing in a good quality mounting system is something you should consider.

Remember, this is what holds those precious panels to the roof during periods of extreme weather.

Balancing of System (BOS)

Balancing of System includes the electrical components such as cables, wires, breakers, isolators, switches and an inverter.   Ensuring you purchase only good quality BOS components means your system will run efficiently and most importantly safely for some time to come.

Learn more about the parts of a solar system here:


Most panel warranties are invalid if not installed by qualified licensed electricians. Receiving STCs only happens if your panels are installed by CEC approved electricians.

Remember, you get what you pay for, so hire a qualified solar company like Solar My Home to accomplish the task for you.

The money you save on solar panel deals Perth will mean nothing if you and your neighbor get on the roof with a couple of hammers. Do the right thing. Learn more about getting started here:  http://localhost/solar/2018/10/01/solar-panels-perth/