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Let the sonnenBatterie eco light up your life. Don’t pair the best solar panels on the market with just any batterie. Choose the best. Solar My Home WA offers the best batterie available, the sonnenBatterie eco.

Rising Energy Prices

Not only are energy prices on the rise, but there is no end in sight. Or is there? With both the best quality solar panels in Australia and the sonnenBatterie eco as part of your Solar My Home system, prepare for the neighbors to stare! They’ll probably talk too! And that’s ok.


Whether you are shopping a new system or updating your present one, Solar My Home has everything you need. No sooner have you called then we are on the way to fit your system. It’s a win-win situation!

The Future of Power

The future is brighter with Solar May Home and the sonnenBatterie eco. With a lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles your sonnen is going to make sure you have light in the deepest, darkest night well into the future.


Furthermore, safety is paramount. The sonnen batteries are a lithium iron phosphate batterie. This is the safest technology in the market place right now. Settling for less just isn’t in the cards.

Jump In

The sonnenBatterie cost, along with our competitive solar panel prices, makes ownership of this sleek, powerful beauty within reach for all. Contact Solar My Home WA to jump into the sonnenBatterie eco wave today!

Get off the Grid!

Lastly, going off grid has never been easier or more economical. With this device, you’ll never pay another electricity bill again! So why wait. We know you’ve been thinking about it. The time has never been better to pull the trigger and get into the market. You have nothing to lose. In fact you have everything to gain. Stop those electric bills from eating up all the funds in your wallet each month! Lock it with the key and watch them cry!