The Basics Of Solar Power

While there are many solar companies in Perth,WA, Solar My Home WA is a Perth solar company that should be at the top of your list! Solar My Home WA offers deals on solar panels, cutting costs for solar panel installations. If you are interested in learning more about solar read on. We’re going to discuss just the basics here. We will explain what solar power is, what solar power panels cost and the systems that use them. We know that many of you are first time solar inquisitive! We are here to educate and hopefully lead you in the right direction. Solar is the way to go and shortly you will understand why and how.

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Solar My Home Solar Installation

First, a word about cost; prices vary and range from $3,500 to $8,000.00 Prices from Perth solar companies for solar systems are at their lowest. Rebates are still available, making prices even lower. Please take advantage while you still can.

What is the one thing that both industrial and developing nations have in common? They have sunlight in common. Industrial nations use power at alarming rates. Solar power is a renewable source of energy that would help them stop using up non-renewable sources of energy and in turn reduce costs. Developing nations need sources of power that they can harness to develop! Solar energy is clean energy. There is no pollution that enters the atmosphere from solar energy.

There are three types of solar energy; passive, active and solar thermalPassive has to do with building or home orientation, glazed windows, and requires no specialized equipment. Active is the most common and requires use of solar panels or shingles, converters and batteries. Solar Thermal energy involves heating water, for example, heating a swimming pool.

Solar panels collect the sun’s light and turn it into DC power (Direct Current). Next the DC power goes to an inverter and becomes AC power (Alternating Current).  If you are grid-tied or off-grid, the result is the same. If you own a stand-alone off-grid system then you can keep the lights on until you run out of AC current, likely stored in a battery somewhere on your property. If you are on-grid or grid-tied then if you happen to use more power than your solar panels were able to provide for you, your system will kick over to draw power from the grid until your solar system can replenish. This difference is typically measured by a net meter, i.e. the net difference between what you use from the grid and what you supply to the grid in the form of excess solar energy from your solar system.


Whether it’s for home or business, Solar My Home WA offers many solar panel specials that will help to defray the cost of your solar panel system. We are specialists in solar panel installation and can help you make the proper decisions when switching to solar. The public has spoken and their new favourite colour is green! Solar My Home WA Perth is your solar provider.