Solar is a renewable source of energy and its right at our fingertips.

In fact, solar is the most abundant energy source on Earth! All you need is a good solar system with battery and you are set! All your power troubles go bye bye!  Living and running your own solar power system off-grid is literally an empowering experience.

That’s a lot of Power!


The sun beating down upon the Earth every day generates enough power to supply all of the world’s power needs every hour. If it were possible to capture just one full hour every day we could power everything for one full year. One full year! Amazing isn’t it? The sheer magnitude of the possibility is an incredible thought.

Going Off-Grid

So, going off-grid for you should not be a too expensive nor impossible. That’s the really good news. What do you need to do to get started harvesting the most abundant energy source on Earth for yourself? Well we can start with a small, 6Kw system for less than the price of a new-to-you used car! Taking advantage of government subsidies can also make solar more affordable. That’s right, the cost of a new solar system (6.6Kw) starts at just $3,699.00. We’ve even got a more upgraded model system available at $4,299.00. The difference in the systems is the inverter included with each. Read about each system here. That is hardly enough to break the proverbial bank and in the long run will save you lots of money!


To visit the rebates page, please check here. Rebates can really help you out when it comes to saving money on the install and cost of a total system up front. Really that is the most cost effective way to purchase. Each of our systems includes a 24 month on-site service warranty. Prices include installation by professionally accredited solar power electricians (no roof labourers).

Call Today!

Really, taking advantage of that big ball of energy in the sky, the most abundant energy source on Earth by installing a solar power system is just the smartest move you can make! Don’t wait any longer. Call today!  0410 376 517. We’ll get you on the road to financial freedom from those power overlords at the power company today!