Perth Solar, Never a Better Time to Install in Western Australia.. Why?

Perth solar is a great move to make right now!

Perth solar is at its best! Right now solar panels are the cheapest they have ever been. This is the direct result of more and more people installing solar every day. Perth solar is the new green, green renewable energy that is! For anyone that wants to make a difference that will help the world in the future, Perth solar is the way to go.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Solar My Home WA can show you the way. We have what it takes to educate your family on solar systems, the new large battery storage and even working on a cloudy day! Yes, you can still collect solar energy on a cloudy day! Most people wouldn’t have believed that was possible, but just look at countries like Germany….not the sunshine capital of the world, but still a solar powerhouse! Solar North Perth is climbing the list of solar powerhouses. We offer the best quality panels to install on your rooftop, giving you a leg up. Large battery storage enables you to not only use your solar energy all day long but at night as well. Keep those night lights going, watch TV and use your wifi, you name it, and it’s possible!


Perth Solar Return on Investment

Getting started with Perth solar is easy. Contact Solar My Home WA today to arrange same day installation! Yes, that’s right, same day installation! We have the process worked out and we can make it happen for you. Perth solar prices are the best they have ever been. You can get a system for between $3000 and $8000! That’s unheard of, but not when it comes to solar Perth. With systems priced so well, you can expect to make your money back in 3-5 years. Where else can you find returns like that?

Export Perth Solar the Grid

So, now you know it’s a great investment…why are you waiting? Don’t continue to pay the electricity company. Have them pay you instead. You can get paid to export power to the electric grid! Wow, now that’s a change for the better! Call today to go over all of the possibilities you can receive from installing a Perth solar energy system from Solar My Home WA.