Solar Reviews 2019: Breaking Records Again!

Solar reviews 2019  have left 2018 in the dust! It’s an exciting time to be involved in the solar power industry.

In 2018 Australia saw the installation of solar panels in about 1.7 million Australian homes. That’s a lot of solar panels! In fact, it’s a total of about 1.1 GW of solar power! Australia is leading the charge!

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Solar Reviews 2018 Showed Record Installations


The CEC (Clean Energy Council) is currently reporting that in 2018 we saw some of those large-scale solar farms installed right here in Australia! Have you seen them? They are large areas of land covered in solar panels! Kind of like wind farms, but on the ground! It’s exciting to see. Just imagine all the power soaked up by those panels, about 5000 MW! That’s an 11 billion dollar investment and over 6000 jobs! Wow!

Solar Batteries

Talk about records, solar batteries made a splash! Nearly 21,000 batteries were installed in small-scale a solar project, that’s homes to you and me! Check out those Perth rooftops! Solar Perth is the rage and those solar panels on rooftops are hard at work every day! Now, all that energy they harness with solar panels Perth has a place to go, right into their own storage batteries!

What’s led to the insurgence of solar panels, solar batteries and solar systems on homes in Perth? Why solar cost has gone down over the past few years and in 2018 it hit the point at which people could see the difference and felt it was worth the investment. As they watched neighbours and businesses around them install solar panels and solar batteries they decided that their neighbour’s solar reviews 2019 were all they needed!

Solar Deals

Perth residents snapped up solar deals left and right! Now they are enjoying the benefits of lower cost solar systems on their homes. They have solar storage batteries in a safe location, storing all their excess power! It’s a great example of solar self-sufficiency! But what could have led them to this point? Surely it wasn’t their neighbour’s solar reviews 2019 alone, nor was it the CEC’s solar reviews 2019. It was seeing the practical application of solar in and around their property.

Check out the Australian Government’s home rebates for solar installation:

Australia is paving the way with these types of government programs for other countries around the world to take note and make the change.

As I tour through my own neighbourhood, the application of solar panels near me is truly daunting. 2018 has certainly opened the floodgates for the solar industry here in Australia. I can only hope the trend continues and I think it will! Solar Reviews 2018 have shown strong growth but solar reviews 2019 are full steam ahead, with strong market placement and predictions for continued growth well into the future. The future is bright, bright with the reflection of solar panels on each roof in Perth!

The Aussie Government continues to look to the future for solar. It’s not ending any time soon, why wait? Get on the train now and ride it into the future with Solar My Home WA.