Going solar is cost effective!

Solar is so outright, it is a way to achieve the lifestyle of your hopes and dreams.

Not only are you saving on your electric bill, but now you have money for things that are definitely more fun than paying bills!



Solar panel cost is calculated by watt. In 2019 the average cost per watt fell in the range of $2.87 to $3.85 per watt. Each photo-voltaic 1 KW system can generate an average of 1100-1500 KWh of energy. It is truly an average because the DNI (a measurable amount of sunlight) varies by location and day.

The best ROI (return on investment) is purchasing the system outright, no doubt. Even looking at a loan to secure the purchase up front could save a lot in the end, depending on loan rates. Utilizing the cost-effective nature of solar to achieve your goals and dreams is just smart money.


With all the savings you have from operating a solar system off the grid, think of what you can do with the money. How about that dream vacation? What about that home addition or extra bathroom you’ve been looking at? Now is the time to plan for those projects. Make sure your solar system can cover the additional square footage.

Business Too

Not only can homeowners save by installing solar but business owners can take advantage of the fact that solar is cost effective. The government provides incentives for homeowners as well as businesses to make the cost of solar even more affordable to most.

Nothing to it but to Do it!

So, get off the couch and make the call today, before the incentives expire! Going solar is cost effective! Go solar to get to that place in your life you’ve been dreaming about. Make the move today. No regrets, no worries. There’s just sunshine in your future. Call today.