Solar Rebate 2019

What you need to know about the Solar System Rebate 2019 Perth

The solar system provides households with a rebate of up to 10% for purchase and installation. Solar rebate help to reduce households electricity bills, and greenhouse gas emissions. Rebate in Western Australia allows only one rebate under solar home package in each household. For example, households that access solar hot water rebate are not eligible for a solar rebate. The best thing about rebate in Western Australia they care for customer satisfaction.


Rebate Western Australia:

Solar rebate in Western Australia is more beneficial to the citizens because it gives them an
opportunity to make payment for units exported to the grid. For example, the Renewable Energy
Buyback scheme will refund you for the units of electricity that your solar system produces and
you do not use in the household.
When you install a Solar System, there’s a reduction in units you will need to purchase from the
grid. For example, the solar system produces the number of units that are enough for household

consumption, and as a result, there’s a reduction in a number of units to be purchased. Another
benefit from the solar system is offsetting your daytime electricity tariff. Installing a solar system
is a strategic investment in energy projects because it strengthens the grid and big energy storage
Solar rebate calculator is only applicable to solar rebates based on your selection. However solar
systems providers take measures to ensure it reflects the current rebate data and it must not be
considered as a guarantee. It’s important to first check with specialist and dealers to know their
terns and prepare you on what to expect.

In Western Australia, if you are looking to invest in solar panels, you are entitled to rebate your purchase via the Australian government’s small scale renewable energy scheme. Through it, you will be able to calculate the value of your rebate using solar rebate calculator.

Claiming your tax credit on solar systems will be determined by the date it was approved to operate. In 2019, this tax credit allows a specified percentage of the total cost of the system. It’s essential to do filing to get an investment tax credit from solar panel installation. For you to qualify, you have to be the owner of a solar panel.
It’s a simple process that follows the following steps;
• For the first time start by completing to fill the Federal Solar Tax Credit form.
• Fill the full amount of your expenses in the form online one that shows you are in the line of
qualified solar electric property costs.
• Read the specified percentage and calculate it with your value to get total tax credit you will
receive back.
• Use the numbers provided and include in your filled forms for your tax submission.

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