Saving you: $33 /week

✅ 6.6KW Solar System
✅ x 24 Solar Panels
✅ 10 Years Warranty
✅ Fully Installed by Qualified Electricians
✅ 100% Fixed Price – No Hidden Surprises
✅ Finance Available

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Benefits of solar

  1. Reducing your home’s electricity running cost up to 80%
  2. Creating your own energy from a Solar Energy System reduces your carbon footprint on the environment
  3. Adds value to your home, people these days are more energy conscious – having a solar system will set you apart should you wish to sell your home down the track.
  4. One of the few household items that are guaranteed to pay for itself, and then save you money.
  5. Just because your roof doesn’t face north doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a solar supply, East or West, or both orientations have just as reliable energy production capabilities.