Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Fast, effective electric vehicle charging solutions

Solar My Home WA is not only a specialist in solar energy, we also supply the fastest and most effective electric vehicle charging solutions for homes and businesses across Perth.

For as long as we can remember, refuelling the car was as simple as pulling into one of many petrol station options along your route. Fuel goes in, car drives off. Fast, efficient, effective. But, ultimately, expensive and unsustainable.

EV charging is the clean, renewable, cost-effective solution of the future. Problem is, the currently time-consuming charging demands of EVs mean that we need to reimagine our entire ‘refuelling’ paradigm. Installing conventional charging stations at petrol stations isn’t the answer (unless you’re ok with spending a couple of hours of browsing the servo sunnies rack while you wait for a full battery).

Taking control over your EV charging will play an enormous part in creating an ‘electrified future’. That’s where your solar system comes in.

Sound advice for your EV charging needs

We have a variety of fast car charging options for every type of electric vehicle, whether you already have a solar supply and want the charging integrated or are starting from scratch. Installation is carried out by our own in house team with over 60 years combined electrical experience, specifically with renewable energy products.

We can also assist you with correct advice and setting up a schedule for your car to charge based on your day to day running around and energy source.

Don’t have solar? We can offer advice on the best Synergy tariff to get the cheapest charging if you don’t have a solar supply or if your charging times will be outside of solar production hours.

We only work with the best

We partner with only the best brands in the solar business to ensure the system we install for you will stand the test of time.

Innovators in the industry, ABB have over 130 years experience in electrical engineering and technology. Headquartered in Zurich, with locations across the globe, ABB have a portfolio of products, systems, services and solutions for customers in a large number of industries.

ABB offers a total EV charging solution, from compact high quality AC wallboxes to reliable DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity; ABB Ability™ connected chargers enable fast global service and pro-active maintenance.

ABB Terra AC wallbox

The Terra AC wallbox is the best value home charger on the market. It delivers the exceptional quality expected from the world leader in charging with a cost-effective solution.

With connectivity and smart functionality, the Terra AC wallbox is built to adapt to deliver the most optimized charge today and into the future. Convenient home charging that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.

ABB’s Vehicle-to-Grid technology – the future in EV charging is Coming Soon

Electric vehicle charging is usually a one-way “Grid-to-Vehicle” flow of energy. The power stored in EV batteries is used exclusively for driving.

Bi-directional V2G charging points make EV charging a two-way street. At times when the grid’s power demand spike, fully charged vehicles have the ability to feed stored energy back into the network.

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