How Do Our Solar Systems Pay For Themselves So Quickly?

We Only Offer World Leading Products

Solar My Home WA only recommend quality and reliable solar components from World leading manufacturers with an established Australian Business subsidiary.

Guaranteeing, by law, any service and support is handled locally, rather than overseas.

Based on our 13 years’ experience of installing and testing solar equipment and products we can recommend with absolute confidence that our products and installation will continue to perform at its highest capacity, maximising your returns well into the future!

Our Panels Proven to Always Perform

Solar My Home WA has the highest standard for testing solar products. Our products are both tested by the Clean Energy Regulator and by our in-house team. We also test our products in real world conditions and weed out any sub standard products, so we only select the most reliable and highest performing panels for our clients, including Q-Cell, Canadian Solar & LG

Our Solar Inverters Stand the Test of Time

The Solar inverter is the heart and soul of any good Solar Power System. A high quality and reliable inverter is essential to keep your Solar System performing at the highest level.

The Inverter is consistently converting DC power from the panels into usable AC power for your home day in, day out.
Solar My Home WA only supply inverters that have been tested and proven to work under Australian conditions, with a minimum 10 year product warranty and with a large presence in Australia, that’s why we have partnered with companies like SMA and SolarEdge.

Solar My Home WA Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

Solar My Home WA provide cutting edge technology from the latest panels, and inverters to battery systems and Electric vehicle Charging. We provide batteries from Tesla, Sonnen, and LG whom are market leaders and offer the highest-grade lithium Ion batteries for home and business owners alike!

The enables completely automated and reliable energy for you to use when you choose!

We customise all our Solar Systems to Suit your Needs

Before we start talking products, our highly talented and knowledgeable team audit your home and your energy requirements. By doing this we can accurately recommend a system size that would suit your electricity requirements and give you the fastest return on investment and best electricity savings on your bill