Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Solar battery installations to power your home or office

Did you know, any excess solar energy you produce during the day is fed back into the grid, however more often than not it goes to waste. Why? Electricity providers in WA don’t have the means to store this power and when too much power is exported into the grid, especially during the day when consumption is lower, it can cause high voltage spikes.

With a standard solar PV system (that is, one without a battery) any excess solar produced by your panels that you don’t consume gets fed back into the grid. If your system doesn’t produce enough power, energy is then drawn from the grid at retail prices (for instance, at night when there’s no sun).

With a solar battery any excess energy that you produce is stored in the battery. Many battery systems also offer the ability to act as backup power, in the case of a power failure at the grid.

How does a solar battery work?

What are the benefits of solar batteries?

  • You can store excess energy produced during the day to power your home at night when the sun goes down, reducing (or eliminating) the need to purchase power from the grid
  • If you’re not home much during the day then you’re unlikely to be consuming the free energy your system is producing – by using battery storage you can access this free energy for peak periods when you are home with higher consumption needs.
  • It’s good for your community! By storing and using your own power you reduce the impact on the grid in your area at peak times, helping to reduce the change of power outages. Battery systems also help to reduce the amount of power being exported to the grid during the day, this reducing high voltage issues.
  • It’s great for the environment. Battery storage increases the opportunity to access and use a renewable energy source to power your home.
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