The sustainable benefits of solar to the average homeowner

The sustainable benefits of solar to the average homeowner

Solar panels emit up to 20 times less carbon over their lifetime compared to coal power. Seeing as the energy sector is the highest-emitting sector pumping out 42% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually, it begs the question…


What might the world look like if we displaced fossil fuel to power our homes?

If you find that hard to imagine, you’re not alone. These days our social news feeds are filled with images and stories of a bleak future, making it hard to see that a sustainable future is possible.

But you don’t need to imagine. Fossil fuels will eventually run out, and solar panels already exist. If we phased out existing fossil fuel plants and solar panels were more broadly adopted, what would happen?

  • We’d take control over our energy supply
    If entire neighbourhoods adopted this technology, we could create ‘microgrids’ that link houses. This would essentially create mini power plants, where you can sell, buy and share electricity with your neighbours. Because they are ‘decentralised’, energy is supplied from the bottom up, not the top down.The power is literally in your hands.
  • We’d live more comfortably
    Advances in solar panel and battery technologies will soon make it cheaper to generate your own power than buying it from the grid, especially with rising bills. According to, solar panels can pay for themselves within 6 to 10 years of installation, potentially saving homeowners up to $94,273 over 25 years.Just think of what that means for you and your family. Less pressure to work long hours, more time to spend with your kids or travel the country, pay off your mortgage sooner. Even the simple comfort of enjoying air-conditioning without worrying about the power bills and environmental impact.
  • We’d create a healthier environment
    Reports show that to keep the planet below the 1.5° Paris global warming target, we need work together to transition to a fully sustainable energy system by 2050. Solar panels will play an important role as part of a wider network of renewable energy technology.That could have some huge benefits for Perth homeowners. If we avoid the extreme weather events predicted as a result of warming temperatures (such as bushfires and droughts), we can live more comfortable lives. Agricultural regions will be able to thrive, meaning our grocery bills can stay affordable and accessible. Home insurance premiums should also stay affordable (or possible to buy at all) if we avoid more regions being classified as high risk.
  • We’d breathe easier
    According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people on Earth breathe polluted air. Burning fossil fuels is a big reason, resulting in respiratory diseases, heart conditions, strokes and other life-threatening diseases.

By taking up solar panels, we could breathe cleaner, fresher air in the neighbourhoods we raise our kids in.

Join the renewable revolution

As you can see, just by installing solar panels we have the power to create a sustainable future for our families and communities. It’s up to us to be the momentum for change. Say goodbye to fossil fuels and embrace clean energy systems like solar panels to revitalise our communities.

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